Heather Howells: Zen and the Art of Endurance Hiking

Zen and the Art of Endurance Hiking

Heather Howells is the author of the inspirational book Dream it. See it. Be it., Adventurer, Motivational speaker, Registered Nurse and Health Coach.

At the age of 39 she discovered running and since then has participated in many marathons and ultramarathons as well as a 150 mile survival race across the Kalahari Desert and most recently the Pony Express 100 mile race in the Utah desert.

She has also hiked 2300 miles solo, through the wilderness across America from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail and 580 miles with her partner across the four provinces of Northern Spain along el Camino del Norte.

In her book she describes the path she took that helped her realize her dreams regardless of what they are.

Heather will share her stories about her experience of spending 146 days on the PCT, 30 days hiking across Spain, a 6 day survival running race through the Kalahari Desert and many of her other adventures. In addition she will discuss the gear she used, what she found useful and what essential items where required for survival.

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