Backpack Hawaii

Uloha can get you ready to hike Hawaii’s trails safely and comfortably

We are Hawaii’s best backpacking resource.

Stop in and say hi and we’ll be happy to share our knowledge, experience, and expertise with you as you get ready to backpack in Hawaii. We know some of the best hiking locations on the island, and we’ll recommend the must-needed gear to get you there safely and comfortably.

Explore our backpacking gear:

(available in-store)

Aether 70 By Osprey Packs

For a long week on the trail or a gear-intensive weekend where extra volume is vital, the Osprey Aether AG 70 pack enhances mobility and comfort with the Anti-Gravity harness and suspended-mesh back.

Jetboil Minimo Cooking System

Built with just you in mind, the MiniMo combines our tried-and-true efficiency and versatility with a convenient form factor. The metal handles and redesigned cooking cup—optimized for a low spoon angle—make it the perfect vessel for personal cooking and eating.

MSR Isobutane

MSR IsoPro is a performance-boosting, 80/20 blend of isobutane and propane, with the purest isobutane (5% or less n-butane) of any canister fuel. This clean-burning formulation maintains higher internal pressure at lower temperatures than standard butane/propane mixtures, delivering superior cold weather performance and more consistent output over the life of the canister.

Big Agnes Fly Creek Backpacking Tent

An ultralight, 3-season tent for 2 that weighs in at 1 lb. 15 oz., this tent grants protection from bugs and rain at a weight one person can easily carry alone. Come check this tent out in person at Uloha today!

Eno Hammocks

Whether it’s your backcountry bed, a cool spot to lounge by the sea for an afternoon, or a permanent fixture at your home, ENO hammocks give you the freedom to rock with the wind.  Packing up to the size of a softball; backpackers, boaters, or any adventurer will surly appreciate the travel-friendly versatility of these solid hammocks.