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March Blog

March Blog

February Highlights

Aloha nature enthusiasts,

I'm happy to report that February marked the month that ULOHA's Outreach wing took flight. I'm the Outreach Coordinator for the shop, Yoshi Akaha, and I'm dedicating the bulk of my time getting to know conservation groups around O'ahu with the aim of learning about our island ecosystem, the human impacts, and how individuals and companies like ULOHA can step up to be better stewards.

If you haven't heard of Kuli'ou'ou Ridge Trail I'd be surprised; It's one of the most popular hikes on island! One of the major issues here is caused by errant hikers shortcutting the switchbacks, which is eroding the landscape. This problem has rapidly worsened the more popular the trail has become. If you've visited in recent months though, you may have noticed signs popping up to block the shortcuts and keiki plants sprouting out of black weed mat in the larger gaps beside the maintained trail. This work to mitigate erosion is performed by Aloha Tree Alliance, the freshest face in the field of conservation. They recently adopted Kuli'ou'ou Ridge Trail to combat the habitat destruction and restore the native ecosystem. When I learned that they have monthly volunteer days open to the public, of course I signed up. I volunteered with my coworkers Max and John at their Feb 19 event alongside Nan Inc. employees and together we planted 119 native trees and shrubs, remediated several shortcuts, and installed three water catchment systems. It felt great to give back to a trail that I've enjoyed for over a decade! There is still so much work to be done. So if you feel inclined to join, March 19th will be your next opportunity!

March Events

3/6   - Hapalua King's Runner 10K
3/12 - Spring Running Sale kicks off @ ULOHA
3/12 - Hawaii Triathlon Center's North Shore Triathlon
3/19 - HURT's Aiea Loop Express

Additionally, here is a list of conservation organizations that are providing opportunities this month to give back to the land. 


Lahilahi La Malama


We're having a SALE on distance running essentials + big bags!

Watch for 15% off of the following items from 3/12 to 3/18

That's all I've got for now. Check back in April for new opportunities to save on your purchases and to connect with events around O'ahu.


-Yoshi Akaha