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Random Acts of Kindness to Celebrate Our 5th Birthday!

Random Acts of Kindness to Celebrate Our 5th Birthday!

It's finally here! Uloha is turning 5 years old in September. We have crawled and learned to walk, and we are now running with your support. We wouldn't be where we are today without this outdoor loving community, our team of rockstars, and the everyday kindness of the guests that walk through our door. 

Kindness can create a ripple that has no end. It can mean something so big to someone, no matter how small you think it is. Kindness is powerful. Kindness takes courage. Kindness makes a difference. Kindness is crucial to the human experience. 

As we prepare for our upcoming birthday, we ask for your help! We have one wish this year and it is to sprinkle kindness like confetti. 

Now, this is what we need from you!

We have 25 different Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Cards at Uloha waiting to be claimed by YOU. The first 25 Random Acts of Kindness Cards that are complete will be entered to win a Uloha prize pack! We will choose 2 winners to get hooked up with an assortment of Uloha Swag. This is your chance to get some free gear for being a good person. 

To consider the Random Acts of Kindness Card complete, we ask you to do the following any time between 7/30-8/31.

  1. Make a video of the Random Act of Kindness in action

  2. Share the video with us on Instagram

  3. Share a photo of the Random Act of Kindness card that you chose 

  4. Celebrate yourself for being awesome

We truly hope you will help us spread kindness for our birthday celebration. Kindness is cool, and so are you, so let's do it!